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British Irish Parliamentary Assembly closes in Kilkenny, Report from Committee urges governments to develop comprehensive strategy to tackle childhood obesity crisis

Added 18-Jul-2017

The 54th BIPA Plenary closed in Kilkenny today with progress updates from the four BIPA committees and an address by Professor Michael Marsh on ‘the perils of political polling’.

Committee D (Environment and Social) has presented and published its report on childhood obesity, finding that the increasing level of childhood obesity poses one of the greatest challenges facing public health networks across Britain and Ireland, requiring a comprehensive government response.

Committee C (Economic Affairs) has produced an Interim Report on the Implications of Brexit for the Agri-Food Sector. The Committee is currently examining the opportunities and challenges of Brexit for the sector and will produce a final report at a later date, which may include contributions and evidence from hearings in London, Edinburgh and Brussels.

Professor Michael Marsh addressed the plenary on the issue of political polling and the problems associated with producing accurate polls.

Irish Co-Chair Kathleen Funchion TD said, “The 54th plenary has highlighted the increasing importance of deepening parliamentary connections – both formally and informally – across these islands as we all navigate the Brexit process. Over the past two days, we have engaged in robust discussions about our shared interests and we have reiterated our shared commitment to fostering good will between our member jurisdictions. Throughout the plenary, the relevance and growing importance of Assembly was underlined. I wish to thank the Members and our speakers for their contributions and I look forward to the 55th plenary in the autumn.”

British Co-Chair, Andrew Rosindell MP, said, ““As the 54th plenary comes to a close, I would like to thank all the members of BIPA for engaging in constructive discussions on the implications of Brexit for these islands. Looking ahead, this organisation has to play a key role in maintaining dialogue and ensuring that, when issues arise, we work together for the benefit of us all. Today, we have published a report into childhood obesity, an issue affecting over a quarter of young people. This complex issue must take a prominent place in our thinking if we are to ensure that children and young people have a healthy future. There are, of course, no easy answers, but I commend the report for setting out an array of solutions that can have a meaningful impact.”


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