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Report recommends greater UK-Ireland collaboration to unleash potential of wave and tidal energy

Added 23-Oct-2013

A British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly Committee report launched this afternoon calls for an intensified effort to encourage greater commercial participation in the marine energy sector, particularly in affording easier grid access, increased funding for research and development and technological measures to curb the impact of intermittent supply.

The report by the Economic Committee was published on foot of hearings on marine energy in the UK and Ireland, as well as a site visit to Orkney.

Committee Chair Jack Wall TD says: “It is clear to the Committee that Ireland and the UK possess the most significant marine energy resource in Europe, with the coastlines and sea areas of these islands containing extensive and high energy wave and tidal environments. This report recommends greater collaboration and cooperation, at State, agency and trade levels, to ensure that the UK and Ireland maintain their positions at the cutting edge of marine energy development.”

Access Report on Renewable Wave and Tidal Energy

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